Join our Farm Trip!
From spring 2022

Discover a unique adventure in the Loire Valley quaintness, famous for its rich gastronomic history and deep reverence of wine.


Over 4 days, Geoffrey  Nivard, who was born in the region, will introduce you to 

La Vie à La Française, visiting awe-inspiring historical and natural sites.  

Join the trip to experience an incomparable moment in this beautiful landscape.


Farm & supper

Immerse yourself in the authentic country of French farming by milking sheep and herdîng with shepherd’s dogs….


After a full and thrilling day at the farm, you will enjoy an aperitif and supper on the riverside by the farm.

Vineyard & Cellars

We will adjust our visit pace to the soft and  pleasant life rhythm of welcoming Touraine while discovering and tasting the rich and wide range of cheese and wine that the region has to offer.


Your host, Geoffrey,  will guide you to a visit and full tasting of  exceptional organic and biodynamic wines, followed by lunch made by a local chef…


Castles & history

The Loire Valley is  a place imbued in the echoes of the past which counts many special landmarks, He will show you two of his favorite places;


1. The historic city of Loches, with its medieval dungeon,  heart of the secret and tragical  love story of Agnes Sorel, and king Charles VII


2. Chenonceau with its amazingly restored and conserved so called "Château des Dames"

River & tasting

This journey will be full of nice surprises! 

Among them, we will enjoy a cruise on the “Gabarre”, a typical boat shaped to sail on the Loire river. 


An onboard tasting of some local seasonal products will add to the charm of this unique experience...



You will spend the week in a newly refurbished XII century presbytery with an authentic charming and peaceful atmosphere where one's feels so good "on se sent bien".

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Geoffrey Nivard can’t wait to make this authentic journey happen with You!


À bientôt