At Tasting with Nivard,


we are devoted to spreading knowledge and love of cheese & wine through iconic tasting experiences in London at restaurants and supper clubs, or in your home.


But because our cheese & wine selections are a big hit, at Tasting with Nivard we believe they should be available for cheese & wine lovers everywhere at our online shop – well, not quite everywhere, Royal Mail has its limits!

Cheese and wine connoisseur Geoffrey Nivard began his mission when he moved to London from Loire Valley – one of France’s most reputable gastronomical areas – so knows a thing or two about artisan cheese & wine.

What started as small tastings with friends in his modest Stockwell home, grew to tastings with friends of friends, and has now become the go-to experience in some of London’s most renowned restaurants. You can see why people can’t get enough of us here.


Our story continues, but our concept is unchanged: high quality cheese & wine, sourced from around-the-world, shared with knowledge and love.