Our story

Tasting with Nivard was created by Geoffrey Nivard, a young 30-year-old French man with an insatiable obsession for cheese and a passion for people.

We invite you to read our story…

“Age is something that doesn't matter, unless you are a cheese”

Luis Bunuel



Geoffrey Nivard, was born in the ’90s in the city of Tours situated in the region of the Loire Valley, which is referred as the Cradle of the French and the Garden of France due to the abundance of cheeses, vineyards and castles.


From a second generation of Artisan Charcutier devoted to transform the best meat products, such as ham, terrines, rillettes, pâtés, etc, Geoffrey Nivard developed a passion for artisanal and seasonal products from a very young age.


His curiosity led him to leave Tours at 18...

First experiences

He decided to travel to London, to learn about another culture, especially in the industry of food and beverage. 


He then worked in the hospitality industry for

5 years, where he realised his passion lies unconditionally for “Cheese & Wine”.


He was first scouted by Androuet UK, a historic Parisian fromagerie. Then he joined

Paxton & Whitfield, the Cheesemonger of the

Royal family where he supplied some of the most notorious places such as The Ritz, The Claridge’s and various Michelin star restaurants.

This experience lifted him to the Rank of one

the best Cheesemongers in London... 



After obtaining  his WSET Level 3, from East London Wine school, Geoffrey Nivard decided to create

Tasting with Nivard. 


The idea is simple : share his passion and support small artisanal wine & cheese makers in London.


Tasting with Nivard offers good times filled with gastronomical knowledge to discover the world of cheese and wine in a whole different way.

His tastings have always been described as an exciting experience, perfect for making new memories with family, friends and colleagues.

Tasting with Nivard offers handpick seasonal CheeseDrop, tastings experiences and very soon Geoffrey will take you with him on a Farm Trip to the Loire Valley.


In 2020 during the pandemic Geoffrey Nivard decided to create a weekly cheese selection that he prepared and delivered himself on his bicycle during the lockdown around London.

It boosted the morale of his customers.


In 2021 he organised virtual tastings not only with individuals, families, and friends but also with companies such as Google, Facebook or linkedin, who wanted to stay connected to their employees during these challenging times around the world.


Tasting with Nivard's story continues, but the concept is unchanged: we focus on working closely with small winemakers & artisan cheese farmers who create amazing seasonal products sourced from around-the-world.

 Shared with passion & love.